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World Café

執筆者: gokase01

今学期も,World Cafe始まりました。 World Cafeとは2年前まで本校に勤務していた英語の先生が始められた、ALTの先生と給食を食べながら英語で会話する活動です。以下は運営してくれているカ−リルさんのコメントです。

World café is an activity focused on conversations. It is a place where students from 3rd year junior high school to 3rd year high school can interact with the school’s ALT in English, outside the classroom. It is carried out three times a week during lunch time. The students interact with the ALT while they eat their lunch. This activity is a great avenue for students to use their English skills in a casual, friendly, supportive, fun and relatively unrestricted environment. It is also a good place to get to know each other better, to learn each other’s culture, and to have fun. 

The pictures above were taken during the first world café session this school year. I, Karyll Dotimas, the ALT at Gokase Secondary school, was with the third grade junior high school students. It was their first world café experience. At first, some kids are a little bit shy, but once we get the conversation going, they became more relaxed and enjoyed the experience. It has always been my pleasure to do world café with the students, every encounter is not the same and it brings me delight to see the students’ eagerness to express their thoughts in English and their courageousness in using the language.(Karyll)